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Hit the Right Note with First Stop Guitar Shop

At First Stop Guitar Shop, we love everything about guitars. The company was born out of a desire to help fellow guitar lovers sell their prized guitars to individuals who know how to properly handle and price vintage guitars.  Our customers can rest assured they are getting  the best deal with someone who truly knows the guitar's worth and special features.

Don't take your valuable instrument to just anyone, take it to someone who appreciates the guitar just as much as you do.

Sell Used Guitars to Us!

Congrats on the decision to sell your guitar! We know that you want to sell it for the best price, and we're excited to see it!

FSGS works hard to give you the best price and service so your guitar receives the most value. That's our mission here at FSGS.  

The FSGS Difference

We're a bit different from the rest of the competition when it comes to guitars. Our personalized approach combined with stellar customer services helps you rest easy. You can be certain your prized possession is in safe hands. The other guys may not know all the little details about your guitar, so the value could be WAY less than what you should receive.

We're Fast.

Time is money, and our staff works to make sure your time is never wasted. First Stop Guitar Shop works to make sure your guitar selling process is easy, fast, and satisfactory. This sets us apart from the competition.

Simple is too easy a word to describe the process!

We're Honest.

Honesty is the best policy.  If for some reason you are unsatisfied, give us a call.  FSGS wants all of its customers to feel comfortable during the entire process. We strive for honesty, and our thousands of satisfied customers attest to the success of this strategy.

We're Reliable--and Knowledgeable.

Our staff has been buying guitars for over 30 years. That's a long time to be handling nearly every type of guitar imaginable and helping thousands of satisfied customers. Whether it's a Gibson, Fender, Les Paul, Gretsch or more,  the FSGS experts on hand can figure out the best price for your guitar.

We apply this knowledge to give you the best bang for your buck.

A pawn shop or other place may not have staff who are experts at the pricing of your guitar.  Why go to them when you can have guitar lovers and experts handle the entire process, knowing just how fragile a guitar can be?

Trust the  guitar experts, who can give you the BEST price for your guitar.

First Stop Guitar Shop ensures 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take pride in SAFE and SECURE transactions so you don't have to worry.  Our customers come from a wide variety of states within the US. Sell us your guitar today!