Read what our sellers have to say!

We asked our sellers to let us know how we did while
selling their guitar, and these are some their reactions:

First Stop Guitar Shop is top notch in customer service and satisfaction!
Joe S.
Orlando, FL
I sold my grandfather’s 32 Gibson to First Stop Guitar Shop and they paid me top dollar. I was very satisfied!
Orlando, FL
I had a 1957 Les Paul Special and sold it to First Stop Guitar Shop and they were great to work with!
Rocky M.
Pacific Beach, CA
When I inherited the 65 strat, I called First Stop Guitar Shop and they told me exactly what it was worth! This company is honest, reliable and dependable!
Jenn H.
Atlanta, GA
I had a 1987 strat and First Stop Guitar Shop was very helpful in getting it sold. Thank you First Stop Guitar Shop.
Bryan M.
Boston, MA
I inherited an old Martin OM-28 from the 1930’s, it was my father’s guitar. First Stop Guitar Shop are experts and paid me top dollar!
Pompano Beach, FL
I purchased this 1959 Jazzmaster brand new thinking I was going to learn to play it and I never learned. First Stop Guitar Shop was very helpful in getting it sold for me. What a great company!
Fred R.
Pine Island, FL
I had a 1930 Gibson A-1 mandolin and First Stop Guitar Shop explained to me exactly what needed to be done to it in order to get it sold. Their knowledge of guitars and mandolins is endless!
Rudy C.
Cleveland, OH
I wasn’t real sure about First Stop Guitar Shop at first, but after dealing with them, I recognize they are no nonsense, straight shooting people. I would recommend them to anyone!
Ron R.
Boise, ID
First Stop Guitar Shop is the leading online vintage guitar dealer in the country. I can see why they get so much repeat business. They are very honest and reliable!
Dexter J.
Philadelphia, PA
I was hesitant to sell my grandfather’s old Martin guitar to anyone, but once I talked to the staff at First Stop Guitar Shop, I felt comfortable selling it. They walked me through the process and got me the most money possible for the Martin!
Joleen K.
St.Louis, MO
If you are looking for a reputable, honest, no haggling guitar buyer, contact First Stop Guitar Shop! I was very satisfied with their buying approach.
Martin V.
Indianapolis, IN
First Stop Guitar Shop staff is second to none! I highly recommend First Stop Guitar Shop!
Drew S.
Portland, OR
First Stop Guitar Shop is the best vintage guitar company I have ever done business with!
John W.
Madison, WI
If you are looking for a fair, honest approach to selling your guitar, I would suggest contacting First Stop Guitar Shop. They will always come through.
Peter A.
Boulder, CO
At First Stop Guitar Shop, their customer service is outstanding! They will answer every question you have and get you educated on your guitar in general.
Tony H.
Detroit, MI
I had a 1963 Jazz Bass and I didn’t know the first thing about it until I spoke to First Stop Guitar Shop. We worked out a great deal together! I am very grateful for their honesty!
Gary R.
Chicago, IL
If you have a vintage guitar you are looking to sell, I would strongly recommend First Stop Guitar Shop. Their experience and knowledge is the best in the business.
Henry T.
Lincoln, NE
When I went to sell my grandfather’s old Gibson flat top, I came across First Stop Guitar Shop on the internet. I sent them the guitar and they paid me 80% of the current market value. The transaction was quick and easy!
Kevin J.
Sante Fe, NM
I put my guitar on consignment with First Stop Guitar Shop and they sold it to a collector in Japan. They have a list of high end collectors. Very simple and easy transaction. I know I got a great price!
Robert F.
Phoenix, AZ

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